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12 Useful Ideas For Doing Can I feed my chickens strawberries

These of us who increase chickens at residence will know that they’re nice to have round the home for quite a lot of causes. Not solely does the common hen make a enjoyable visitor in any family however they’ll additionally pay their method by producing scrumptious eggs. It stands to motive then that when you personal chickens they need to be handled like another pet would and be given the occasional deal with once in a while.

In terms of meals, you will need to ensure you will not be really harming your chickens whenever you suppose you’re treating them. On this article, I might be going by the advantages and downsides of feeding your chickens strawberries.

It’s not unusual to have leftover fruit and greens round the home, slightly than losing them it is much better to utilize your leftover strawberries and provides your chickens a tasty deal with. Nevertheless, the results the common-or-garden strawberry has in your chickens could also be far completely different from you and me.

Potential downsides

This may increasingly appear apparent, however you will need to word that chickens or any poultry don’t digest meals in the identical method that we do, so what could be a pleasant deal with for us could be dangerous to your chickens. Essentially the most obvious method we are able to see that is when it comes to amount, clearly what’s a wholesome quantity of fruit to eat for an individual wouldn’t be appropriate for a hen.

However even when you have been to scale down your parts to account for the small dimension of a hen you should additionally think about hen’s food regimen must be balanced in a totally completely different method.

For a hen, an extra of fruit and greens can even have an hostile impact in your chickens. If feeding your chickens strawberries exceeds over 10% of its meals consumption it may possibly have a damaging impact on the manufacturing of eggs; yielding much less and decrease high quality eggs.

Furthermore, if this overfeeding turns into a behavior, it may possibly trigger your chickens to change into unhealthy. The explanation for that is that not like the people’ chickens don’t want excessive portions of sugary and salty meals, and as such their digestive system isn’t outfitted to interrupt down sugary fruits like strawberries in massive portions and to overfeed them can result in critical well being issues whether it is persistent.

Causes to feed your chickens strawberries

The truth that too many strawberries will be dangerous to your hen doesn’t imply that you simply can’t feed them to your hen altogether. If finished carefully a number of strawberries will be useful to your chickens.

Whereas all good hen feeds will comprise sufficient vitamins for a balanced food regimen, variation from what’s ‘important’ will be good to your hen.Should you sometimes give your chickens little treats each on occasion reminiscent of a small portion of recent strawberries it may possibly have well being advantages to your hen like a decrease probability of illness.

Furthermore, variation in a chickens feeding habits can have an effect on the psychological well being of your chickens. It’d sound bizarre to say that chickens can change into confused, however on this method they’re identical to you or me, consuming the identical factor day after day can have an effect on the temper of your hen that’s why sometimes feeding your chickens strawberries can cut back stress and stress-related circumstances like feather choosing.

So, if you wish to preserve your chickens pleased a small deal with like strawberries will be simply the factor that you simply want.

Fast suggestions

If you’re going to feed your chickens strawberries there a number of issues that you simply nonetheless need to remember. To start with, don’t feed your hen any leftover strawberries which are previous their greatest, spoiled or moldy meals can critically hurt your chickens.

A superb rule for this isn’t to feed your chickens something that you simply wouldn’t eat your self. Secondly, you will need to do not forget that even whether it is for a deal with, it can be crucial that your chickens nonetheless can eat their meals with some grit.

As I’ve talked about chickens are unable to breakdown sugary treats in addition to people and this additional grit helps your chickens to do that.


As you possibly can see feeding your chickens strawberries has its advantages and its disadvantages and whether or not one outweighs the opposite is fully right down to you. If you’re the sort of hen proprietor who typically finds that they’ve leftover meals and are accountable sufficient to make your chickens obtain the correct amount of recent meals then feeding your chickens strawberries is an efficient selection for you.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have already got strawberries round your home, there are a selection of different belongings you may give to your chickens as a deal with that doesn’t have such a excessive sugar content material. In the long run, all of it comes right down to you.

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