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20 Issues You Ought to Know About Can Chickens Eat Bananas?

For those who already deal with your chickens with further little fruit and veggies right here and there, chances are you’ll end up becoming bored of giving your chickens the identical previous issues. Discovering new treats to your chickens may be rewarding for each you and your chickens, and it’s all the time tempting to look farther afield for fascinating meals to offer to your chickens.

Can Chickens Eat Bananas?

Nevertheless, discovering new treats to your chickens may be difficult. Whereas quantity of selection may be good to your chickens, you do not need to unintentionally give them one thing that might be dangerous. On this article, I’ll take a look at bananas and assess the professionals and cons of feeding these to your chickens

The case for bananas

As one of many extra adventurous fruits you may feed to your chickens bananas characterize an choice that’s actually completely different from different issues that you’d anticipate your chickens to eat. However does this imply that bananas are unhealthy to your chickens?

Not essentially. If they’re ready appropriately, a topic that I’ll come to later, bananas could be a nutrient wealthy deal with to your chickens. Bananas comprise excessive ranges of potassium and different vitamins which means that when you feed even a small quantity to your chickens, they’ll get all of the vitamins that they want.

The case towards bananas

The reverse of that is that whereas bananas may be wealthy in issues which might be good to your chickens, feeding chickens bananas may also be harmful. The rationale for that is that in addition to containing lots of potassium, and nutritional vitamins bananas even have fairly a excessive sugar content material.

Whereas the excessive sugar content material of a banana will not have an effect on most people, an excessive amount of sugar may be unhealthy for chickens as they don’t seem to be able to digesting giant portions of sugar.One other dietary want that bananas don’t meet is a principally dry weight-reduction plan.

As a result of chickens are additionally not able to processing moist meals you could possibly discover that your chickens don’t get any of the well being advantages of a banana and as a substitute might even find yourself being harmed by over consumption of the fruit.

One method to keep away from that is to just be sure you feed your chickens as small parts of bananas as attainable, sadly, this considerably eliminates the purpose of treating your chickens.

If you’re not in a position to feed your chickens that a lot banana you could possibly find yourself losing lots of meals. Furthermore, it’s inadvisable to feed your chickens banana peels as firstly, most chickens is not going to attempt to eat them, and secondly, they sometimes can comprise dangerous substances used to stop pests.

Rooster eat bananas


All this results in a lot of time consumed and waste when feeding your chickens bananas. For those who actually insist on feeding your chickens bananas, you may. Ideally, you could possibly feed them a dried portion in very small portions, and this is able to be wonderful to your chickens.

Nevertheless, most individuals will discover that given the quantity of effort and time required for feeding your chickens bananas there are higher choices obtainable for treating your chickens

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