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Can Cats Eat Canine Meals? Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

All pet meals appear to look the identical and cats and canines each eat meat, proper?

You may be curious in case your kitty can – or ought to – be serving to himself to an enormous ol’ bowl of kibble alongside his greatest canine pal, or if it’s going to make him sick.

Sadly… No.

Your cat shouldn’t be chowing down together with your canine – and although he appears to love it higher than his personal meals, it’s simply not designed for his physique.

Though canines and cats are each carnivore – canines can deal with a greater diversity of meals whereas cats on the opposite had are obligate carnivores, solely consuming meat. Cats don’t produce taurine themselves – one thing that’s very important for wholesome organ operate in felines. In pure diets of cats, like – fish, birds and rodents – concentrations of taurine are comparatively excessive.

Carnivores vs. Omnivores. Picture supply: cuteness.comThe greatest distinction?

There’s not sufficient taurine in pet food for cats. Whereas canines can produce their very own – cats require taurine to be supplemented by their diets.

Long run exposer to a canine oriented weight loss program could be detrimental to the well being of any cat – which might finally result in
organ failure
weight reduction and even loss of life.
Fortunately this could generally be caught early and simply handled with a taurine complement given to the cat – which in my expertise is eagerly eaten by even probably the most finicky of felines.

Study From My Errors

My cat had fashioned a choice to pet food and we didn’t give a lot thought to eliminating her personal meals bowl to economize. What was the distinction? They principally had the identical elements it might appear – to the untrained eye.
What I didn’t notice was that we had eradicated an important ingredient of her weight loss program and it was the catalyst of a sluggish decline. Over the following 12 months or two I watched her waste away, losing a few pounds and vitality. Finally it obtained to the purpose it was apparent, she was dying. We took her to the vet, she was jaundiced – her eyes, ears and gums yellowing. It appeared hopeless and inevitable that the top was close to – Determined, I grasped at straws.

Once I talked about that she solely ate pet food it was like a light-weight went on for the vet and he knew what the issue with my beloved kitty cat was.

She was Taurine Poor

One thing I hadn’t given a lot thought to in any respect had nearly killed certainly one of my greatest pals, I used to be beside myself with guilt.
The occasional snack together with your pup may not be detrimental to your cat’s total well being and can most likely simply lead to an upset tummy, some vomiting or diarrhea – pet food is completely not one thing that must be used each day as a substitution for cat meals.
In case your cat is choosy and insists on consuming pet food attempt to persuade him to eat by providing moist meals or completely different manufacturers.


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