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The Best New Dog Toys in 2018

If you have a dog, chances are he or she loves to play with toys. But with so many out there, sometimes it’s hard to decide what you should buy. There are many tried and true toys that have been reviewed, blogged, and posted about. You probably even have a few of those toys, and your dog has a blast ...

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What is the Most Aggressive Breed of Dog? Dogsora

What was the first thing to come to your mind? If you thought “pitbull,” you’re not alone. A large number of people seem to think that pitbulls (and pitbull-type dogs) are inherently dangerous, but this simply isn’t true. And yet, time and time again, we hear warnings against having a bully breed as a pet for children, or we see ...

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Study Shows CBD Oil May Be Helpful For Dogs With Seizures

CBD derived from cannabis and super low in THC, is used to treat human health issues, and recent studies are opening the doors to dogs. The newest study on using CBD oil for dogs delivers good news, something many veterinarians have been anticipating—CBD oil has great potential for treating dogs with epilepsy. Dr. Stephanie McGrath with Colorado State University’s James L. Voss ...

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11 Natural Ingredients To Help Keep Fleas Away

You definitely don’t want your dog and your home to be infested with fleas, but you might be a little concerned about using the hardcore chemicals and pesticides found in traditional flea repellents, whether they’re topical or ingested. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between using chemicals or not protecting your dog. There are lots of natural ingredients that can ...

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7 Essential Oils That Help Deter Fleas

Fleas may be small, but they cause big problems. They’re external parasites that cling to skin and survive by taking advantage of their unwilling hosts. Their bites leave behind itchy red bumps, they spread diseases, and they make dogs miserable with incessant scratching. Fleas love nothing more than finding an unprotected pet to live on, and getting rid of them ...

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