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Service Dog Gets Her Own Graduation Cap For Helping Her Master Succeed

22-year-old Casey Bruno recently earned her Bachelor’s degree from Central Florida University – but she couldn’t have done it without her faithful service dog, Paisley by her side.
So when it came time to pose for photos in her graduation cap, Bruno knew the 2-year-old Dalmatian deserved some recognition, too.
The aspiring veterinarian decorated a cap for Paisley to complement her own. Bruno’s cap featured a paw print filled with a colorful floral pattern while Paisley’s cap was decked out with a human hand print in the same pattern.
Image c/o Casey Bruno
“It represented how I was dedicated to her and her dedication to me throughout college,” Bruno told “Good Morning America.” “You never see me without my dog, so how could I take pictures without her?”
Image c/o Casey Bruno
Since joining Bruno’s family in 2016, Paisley has been a calming presence in the young student’s life, helping her battle anxiety and depression and attending classes with her at FCU.
Photo c/o Casey Bruno
“You can’t be mad, sad, or frustrated when she’s right next to you because she’s such a happy dog — she’s so in touch with other people’s emotions,” Bruno said. “I’m slightly obsessed with her. She has her own Instagram handle, @paisley_the_dal.”
c/o Casey Bruno
The adorable graduation shots have nearly 2,000 likes on Twitter and have received hundreds of supportive comments from fellow dog lovers.
FCU even awarded Paisley an honorary diploma for her service!

— UCF (@UCF) August 3, 2018
Bruno, who works as a veterinary technician, plans to begin graduate school in a few weeks where she will continue to work towards her dream of becoming a veterinarian – with Paisley by her side, of course!
H/T to Good Morning America
Featured Images via Twitter/ItsBrunoTime
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