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Teacup Cats & Kittens – What You need to Know

Teacup cats are attaining popularity, as are their brief-legged kinfolk the Munchkins. They are not always regarded breeds and are in some approaches are quite controversial…but quite lovable.

Teacup cats are cats and Munchkins have been bred to be scaled-down than typical. They come in a few diverse types and are undeniably lovable.

But, just before you jump in there are a few vital matters to know about these attractive tiny felines. To begin with, if you are contemplating having a teacup pet, do your study and make positive you support the market and this general craze, utilizing in numerous scenarios intensive ‘line breeding’.

Munchkins are primarily a cat with a significant gene mutation and critics have their problems about the other linked health outcomes.

When hunting at some of these newer breeds, you want to make positive you are having what you have been promised, will not have to invest a fortune in vet expenditures and that the breeder you are utilizing is hunting after the welfare of the animals less than their treatment.

Munchkin cats and other dwarfs

Munchkins are now a regarded little breed cat, acquiring been bred given that the 1980’s. They are a dwarf cat with shorter, thicker legs. Basically, they have an expansion situation termed achondroplastic dwarfism, but in some cases termed chondrodysplasia, or hypochondroplasia as it is not just the similar as the dwarfism that occurs in other species. The trait is a gene mutation that is autosomal dominant.

If two Munchkins are bred with each other the gene is deadly, so Munchkins are always outcrossed to other breeds and around 50% of the litter is brief-legged. There

The trait is a gene mutation that is autosomal dominant. If two Munchkins are bred with each other the gene is deadly, so Munchkins are always outcrossed to other breeds and around 50% of the litter is brief-legged.

There is a selection of outcrosses that have led to other dwarf breeds, often with adorable names like the Bambino which is a cross involving the Munchkin and the Sphynx.


Teacups are marginally diverse from Munchkins. They are primarily scaled-down in just about every way, but also arise as a result of chance mutations.

However, there has been far more inbreeding within just the teacup breeds, which increases the chance of other genetic illnesses happening. Particularly why we shouldn’t marry our siblings or cousins! This tiny cat has been popularized by Kim Kardashian, who has a Teacup Persian named “Mercy”.

Teacups are now found within just numerous diverse breeds but are not formally regarded as their very own breed.

Teacup or runt?

However, since there is no precise formal recognition of the teacup breeds, there is also some quite unscrupulous behavior heading on when providing teacups.

Due to the fact they are only scaled-down than usual kittens, the runt of the litter, a poorly nourished kitten or only a sickly kitten can effortlessly be passed off as a teacup kitten.

When these kittens often go for $2000 every and in some cases appreciably far more, you want to make positive you get a good healthy cat! A cat that is the target of inbreeding, or has in fact been malnourished to stunt its expansion is most possible to value you a considerable quantity in vet expenditures and have a shortened everyday living span.

Common health difficulties of teacup cats

Misshapen bones that finally bring about ache, deformities, and osteoarthritis

Coronary heart disease

Seizures and neurological indications
Shortened everyday living-spans


Polycystic kidney disease

Warning indications of unscrupulous breeders

As with any obtain, do your study. Breeders who run their services like a pup farm, have no treatment for the welfare of their cats and move off unhealthy runts as teacup cats for extortionate charges must be easy to place with a few tips.

Some warning indications are:

A breeder that refuses to enable you to see the mom and dad or the residence exactly where the cats are born.
A breeder who advertises on Craigslist, Gumtree or very similar and would make excuses as to why you require to post income and have a pet delivered to you with out seeing exactly where it arrives from.

A kitten getting marketed for a discounted amount- if it appears to be much too great to be true…
Fantastic breeders will make positive you will give their beloved cats a great residence and are quite discerning.
Most breeders will make positive the kitten is desexed prior to sale to defend their blood-strains.

A breeder who always has kittens obtainable must ring alarm bells. Most ethical breeders restrict the quantities of cats and litters they have, so will have long hold out-lists for sought-after breeds.

A cat marketed with out micro-chipping, flea, worming, and vaccination are unlikely to be from somewhere trustworthy.

Further ideas

Make positive when you purchase an extravagant cat that you contemplate pet coverage and make positive the coverage enterprise covers genetic difficulties.

Get the kitten to your vet for a health examination within just 72 hours of obtaining, that way you can confirm no matter if you have been marketed a problem cat or a cat that is not what it was promised to be.

Make positive the micro-chipping information are up to date and the chip is working, specifically, if you have just paid out $2000 for this cat, you really don’t want to get rid of it!

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